Sigmat started production with one lathe producing metal products.

Manufacturing plant and conpany space expanded by years and we expanded our activites

to welding equipment trade.

Trgovina industrijskom opremom

We are producing and selling products in the field of metal products. Last 16 years we are intensively

engaged in producing metal products and with inovative aproach and new products we are getting to

European and wolrdwide market.


We produce:

- Welding equipment (electrode drying ovens and quiver, pipe centering clamps, welding stamps, gas bottle trolleys)

- Locksmithing (fences, light constructions, comunal equipment, decorative elements)

- Equipment for food production industry and restaurants (gas or solid fuel barbecues and stoves, fryers, ovens, skewer)

- Cooperation with big companies (ĐĐ Special vehicles - project Patria - production of parts)

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